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Diane Theiler

I learned to express myself through writing at an early age. Being number five in a line of eight children, I needed to be creative if I wanted to be heard. The others, possessed a more outgoing nature, and fought for the limelight, determined to get the attention they needed. Me, I wasn’t a fighter.

I smile when I remember the antics of my siblings as they seemed to race each other in an attempt to steal the show; riding a mini bike through the backdoor and down the steps, running away and hiding out for three days, or running into the garage door with a car. I couldn’t compete with that.

So when the chaos started, I escaped into a world they didn’t know. In a quiet corner or out beneath a tree, my mind would explode with adventure and ideas. I’d travel into faraway lands and accomplish the impossible. Whether through a daydream, a book, or the power of pen, I ventured into unseen trouble and emerged the hero.

Time passed and life stole my time. Instead of writing stories, I read them to my three children and told them to the nieces and nephews when we were together. My passion stayed strong.

My children are now grown, and I now have time to write the stories that have filled the pages of my life. It frees my soul to be able to get lost in another world when I pull out my pen. I’ve recently published four books and have a couple more in the works.

I’m a member of a writer’s accountability group. Online and off, I connect with other writers and authors. Holding each other accountable helps keep us all on track.

I’ll never tire of the amazing world, pulled up at a moment’s notice, to send me on an incredible journey where anything can happen.

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