Heaven’s Bait


A struggling Soul, a binding contract, and the hope to find her way home, leave Annie no choice but to fight with everything she has.

Annie is torn between faith and fear when Spiritual Warfare leads her through demon infested forests and plops her at Satan’s door. Will she have the strength to make it through, or will the outcome leave her entrapped forever?

Black Mamba


Christene Bickley, the Truth Diamonds, and a deadly game of Black Mamba with its strategic moves, cause Bradley C. Whitmore to risk everything to save the woman he loves.

Determined to keep his vow to God and be the best Secret Agent he can be, Brad infiltrates a cell of traffickers and does the unthinkable in order to solve his case and save Christene. The reckless decision sends both Christene’s and his lives into chaos as they strive to outwit elite warriors who are determined to kill them. Overcoming one obstacle after another takes its toll when events transpire to keep Brad and Christene apart, but Brad is determined to keep them together.

Will Brad’s faith be strong enough to save them?

Lacing Your Life with Meaning


It is a gift from God to be able to look at your life and see the meaning and purpose that lie within. When we add Christ to our daily walk, our purpose deepens, and a new perspective emerges. If we take this fresh meaning and weave it through the threads of our lives, the things we do every day will take on a significance of their own. Every day we’ll be able to look at our existence and know that Christ is with us.

Kyleigh Jo – Grandma’s House


Kyleigh Jo at Grandma’s House is the first in a series of books that teach children they are loved while also amusing the adult reader.

What Blood Reveals

Fiction Mystery based on the double murder of Edgar Harper and Ella Givens in 1965. This murder was never solved. It will be a hard cover book and will sell for $24.99. Pre-order your copy here. Book will be released Spring 2019.


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