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Books you want to Read

Books by Diane Theiler should be at the top of your to read list. These books have a way of catching your interest and then pulling you along in an adventure you won’t want to miss.

Diane Theiler Knows Her Audience

Diane has six books out at present and more in process. Most of her books are Real Life Christian. Let’s face it. We all have to live in the same world and everything isn’t always peaches and creme. Therefore, her books are known to tackle some non christian people, issues and places as well.

However, Diane goes a step further by taking us into a world we may not know. In Heaven’s Bait she takes us into the heavenly realm when a Soul is put under the protection of Jesus Christ. In Black Mamba, Diane takes us into a war game between secret agents and a human trafficking ring. Her books keep you enthralled throughout.

Check out her books here.

One Author, Many Genres

Diane Theiler writes many types of books. If you’re into self-help books, try Lacing Your Life with Meaning, Diane’s first non-fiction book. This book will take you through the steps of adding things to your everyday life that will add significance to the things you already do. It will also encourage you to let go of some of the things you do that don’t serve a purpose.

“Kyleigh Jo” was written by Diane for her granddaughter. It was written not only to remember her granddaughter as a child and the antics they went through on a daily basis, but to always remind Kyleigh of the unconditional love of a grandparent. No matter what happens, at the end of the day, she is still loved.

Diane’s Newest Additions

Books by Diane Theiler

One of her newest two books, More Than Blood Reveals, is a mystery based on a true crime in Lewisburg, KY in 1965. This book was co-authored by her and two friends. It is about a double kidnapping and the murder of a banker and his daughter. The book goes through the clues to help the reader draw their own conclusions.

Diane likes to leave her reader feeling good about the outcome. However, this mystery has no outcome. It is still an unsolved mystery. Therefore, at the end of the story, each of the three authors give their thoughts on what they think might have actually happened and why. This way the reader gets to pick the ending they like.

Stock Up on Books for Christmas

This has quickly become one of her best-selling books. So, get yours today. Stock up for the Christmas season and have them on hand to gift to those who drop in unexpectedly. Satisfy the reader on your Christmas list with a great book. Don’t forget to get one for yourself for those nice fall afternoons when you want to set outside and read.

Books by Diane Theiler

Diane’s most recent book, Unintentional Deception, just came out this month. It’s no secret Diane loves to write in different genres, so this book is a romance. When asked what genre she liked the best she determined it would have to be romance. “I weave romance into every book I write.” she said. “There’s just something about a happily ever after that I like.”

All of Diane Theiler’s Books leave you feeling good about the outcome which is exactly what a good book is supposed to do. So, get your books today.

Be sure to leave a review once you’ve read it and let us know what you think.

Diane also has a story in an Anthology called, Grains of Salt, which was published through the Bullitt County Art Counsel.

Write That book – How to Get Started

Write That Book – 10 Tips to Get Started

By Diane Theiler

Write That Book – 10 Tips to Get Started

Getting started is often the hardest part of writing your book, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some quick and easy tips for to help you out:

  1. Find a place to write that is quiet. One in which you are comfortable and able to let your mind roam freely. A place where you won’t be interrupted and make it your own. Light a candle, open a window, put up pictures of your want to be characters. Anything to help you in your writing. When I first started, I put up a list of passive verbs. I tried to look over the list everyday so I would know which words not to use.
  2. Set up your special area with things you will need so you don’t have to get up and down. You will need things like your computer, charger, and pen and paper to jot down important notes of loose ends that you have to tie off later, or ideas on where you want to go with your writing.
  3. Write about something you know. This will keep you from having to do a lot of extra research, and save you tons of time in the end. It also gives you an extra edge, because you know how to manipulate your characters and how they would react to certain things. You know how you or a friend reacted. Anything you already know is something you won’t have to research.
  4. It’s best to do a quick outline of your story. Maybe get a feel for your main characters. I looked through magazines and cut out pictures of how I envisioned my characters. When it came time to describe them, I just looked at the picture. I didn’t have to remember anything for later or worry about forgetting how I described him/her, or what color eyes I gave them. I also wrote their name, nicknames, characteristics, flaws, etc under the pic. You could possibly put their backstory or nervous habits they have when they are in tight situations. Anything you can add here is something you won’t have to go back and check on. It’s right there in front of your face.
  5. Think about your beginning, middle and end and figure out how you are going to connect your story, what kind of conflicts will you use, and what emotions will run through your story. If your hero/heroine is going to be upset over something then put several words into the thesaurus and find other words to describe this state or emotion so you can switch up the words. It’s best not to use the same words over and over. Having a list or two of words helps me to write faster, because I don’t have to stop and figure out what I’m going to write or which word I want to use. The words themselves put ideas in my head. Words like brutal, ruthless, cruel, heartless. Or even words, like amazing, wonderful, miraculous, remarkable. Each word puts a different picture in my mind.
  6. Buy a notebook to carry with you to record those ideas you have when away from your computer. I’ve written entire scenes when I was waiting for a doctor appointment or for the kids to get released from school. Quit wasting time, use those little increments of time to feel the holes in your story or plot or to map out a new section of your story.
  7. Have fun with your writing. Remember, you can change anything you don’t like later. So, add some silly humor, a drama queen, or a sassy little sister. Bring your story alive with the little things you add to make your character more real.
  8. Start watching people, their reactions, their hurt, their happiness and think about how you would describe that scene. Don’t be afraid to use something you see in your book, but do make sure you put it in your own words. You can put a disclaimer at the beginning of your book, that your characters are fictional and are in no way meant to be real people.
  9. Go out on the internet, looked at newspapers, books and other things to get ideas. Life is full of wonderful and awful things. Search out what you need.
  10.  Now sit down and write.

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Spent this past Saturday with Jean Kinsey and Becky Kelley at Ertel Cellars Winery in Indiana. Great Music, food, wine. Lots of booths and more. Met some really nice people. Looking forward to more festivals as fall leads the way toward Christmas. If you know of any festivals or bazaars available for authors/readers, shoot me an email. I will promote it on my website if I can verify it is a true event. Author’s and artists are always looking for places to promote  and display their work especially during the Christmas season


Murder Mystery Coming Soon

Jean Kinsey, Becky Kelley, and I have been working@ on a new Murder Mystery. The mystery is based on a true double murder that happened in Lewisburg, Ky in 1965. Although the mystery is a fiction novel, it is based on true facts from the Harper Givens case. We have recently found a publisher and hope to have our mystery, What Blood Reveals, out in the Spring of 2019.

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