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Heaven's Bait


Annie wakes up in a beautiful, but mysterious place with no recollection of how she got there, or why. She soon learns that her captor, Rigas, as she is told to call him, is really her appointed protector, but protected from who, Annie does not remember. How can she have no memory of what has happened? After seeing a cryptic and binding agreement contract with her own signature at the bottom, Annie realizes she must find out how to get back home to her husband and family, who she dearly misses, and why she is in this puzzling and fearful situation she has found herself in.
Every time Annie tries to escape, she finds herself back in her little room that she’s being held captive in. Finally, Annie realizes there is no escaping, her surroundings are a loop that never ends and the town she sees from the window is nonexistent. Heaven’s Bait by Diane Theiler is a perplexing and captivating story of a challenge of the soul. Annie must fight her dragons and decide her fate by her own freewill to make it through. The book has a wonderful, curious and mystic vibe that pulls you in, wanting to know more at every turn of the page. Theiler’s complicated characters are interesting to learn about, as the story moves along, and really gives the reader a sense of empathy and compassion for each one.
Heaven’s Bait held my attention to the very end. I enjoyed the descriptive and detailed writing style of every scene. Author Diane Theiler paints a vivid picture of every setting she places her characters in and has a perceptive way of making her audience feel like they are experiencing the journey right along with her protagonist, Annie. I felt just as bewildered and shaken as she did during the entire book. I couldn’t put this book down and was fully engaged from the very first chapter all the way to the satisfying conclusion. I would highly recommend Heaven’s Bait to anyone looking for a tale of the spirit and soul. Great read.

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